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Getting Started

How did I get here? My journey into jewelry creation and jewelry making has had its ups and downs! Starting a new business is not for the faint-hearted. I showed my work briefly in local galleries, but the gallery didn't pay off for me.

What I love the best is through open studio events. I participated in the county art council's annual Open Studio Art Tours followed by a private Open Studio event. These venues offer people a chance to visit local artists in their studios to see the artwork first hand and talk to the artists about their work. I love this connection with friends and the public! I will continue these venues, and you can see upcoming events listed under the Events tab on the website homepage. I hope you're able to take time to check out upcoming events and sign up.

I will concentrate my next blog entries with a series of how-to's and discuss the various processes that I use to craft my jewelry pieces. Stay tuned!

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